Create an awesome online CV that really shows your best side. Link up your accounts for StackOverflow, GitHub, BitBucket and more to show your true tech-savvy.

Connect your GitHub account to list the projects you have worked on and your open source credentials, as well as listing the technologies that you have worked on and have proven experience in. Potential employers will love to see examples of your code!

Google Code
If you are kicking it old-school and are also hosting some of your open source projects on Google Code then fear not, you can integrate with that too.

If you are like us and enjoying the new BitBucket re-design and the JIRA integration and are hosting with Atlassian, then connect your account to show off your public projects there!

If you connect your StackOverflow account with your CV then you can show off you SO reputation and badges - showing employers both your expertise knowledge and your communication skills!

Are you active in the online tech community? a member of awesome startup community GeekList (if not, then why not?)? Connect your GeekList to show off your claims to fame ("cards") and your high-fives from fellow nerds!

Got a blog? Add it to your CV to show off your technical writing skills, extensive subject area expertise, and all round enthusiasm and passion for tech!

Add links to your mobile app portfolio (on any platform) to further demonstrate your body of work and skills.

Once you have completed your CV share it with the world (or at least future employers) on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest. Your CV on Pinterest? That's the 21st century for you.

Sounds awesome right?